[CQ-Contest] Breaking News from Santa Claus @ OF9X

David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 16:54:10 EST 2018

Santa is in deep trouble and the thinking caps have been donned.  Some
7,500 QSOs have been completed in 4 days.  BUT, it seems that Santa is
suffering, with only 408 QSOs (5.5 %) so far with North America.  He is
unhappy and shouting how “this needs to be changed!!”, leading to antenna
work and bigger beams towards NA.  We have to make our own Polar
propagation but also invite any other help; thus, next to Santa Village,
the elves have resorted to Sun-dancing to obtain propagation
improvements.  And indeed with Santa’s encouragement, the elves have now
also managed to erect a 6-over-6-over-6-over-6 20m array on a 300-foot
rotating tower (http://www.radioarcala.com/?page_id=106).

This Wednesday they will turn their huge stack towards North America, and
the numbers need to change, with at least to 1,000 NA QSOs to start
with!  Starting on Wednesday evening (Dec. 26th) at 1900 UTC, Santa will
call “Ho-Ho” on 20M to North American children.  The Old Father will be
signing OF9X, Old Father Nine Xmas, somewhere between 14.200-240 MHz (not
sure exactly, as the VFO dial may get frosty due to polar weather
conditions).  As an addition. Santa may also use his transmission arm from
the most Western corner of Europe in the Azores as CT8/OF9X to reach the
U.S., if the Santa Path from Finland does not work directly.

>From Santa Radio Studios, North Pole, Finland, Dec. 25, 2018, as copied by

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