[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand Challenge 1500Z Dec.29 2018

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Fri Dec 28 00:37:05 EST 2018

Greetings 160M Operators of our Solar System..and Ops of lesser bands,,

I've heard it firsthand, that up on Top Band, the propagation can be rather
But here comes a test that's above all the rest, and is best known as The
 Fabulous Stew Perry.
Conditions can be bad but the Q's can be had, if the Op really knows of the
by twiddling the knobs to filter the slobs who insist on running
rigs with strong clicks!
The band can be tough with operators quite rough who will search each
frequency and cranny,
The winners who care to sit up all night there, and keep their perch under
their fanny.
The Stew scoring rules now challenge the fools who keep unfair judging
you'll make a long Q which makes more points for you than the old country
multiplier jive.
You'll have 14 hours to test out your powers of sending and getting mayhem.
You may shriek, you may swear but the signals with care you'll pull right
out of the din.
This time of the year, with Christmas so near makes operating time a prized
So make things good deeded to get the time needed to compete for The Stew's
wooden bling.
The donors below are the Stalwarts we know who typify real radio lore.
They make a donation for a plaque-type creation that'll drop your jaw right
to the floor.
So I've written this tome, I wouldn't call it a poem, to attract your care
and attention.
to invite you to play, in a nocturnal way, in the 22ed Stew Perry
      by Dr. Big Gun with apologies to Robt. Service

 Go read the rules at:http://www.kkn.net/stew/ <http://www.kkn.net/stew/>
       and then appreciate
the Radio stalwarts who have sponsored plaques for this year's Big Stew.
Join them by creating a sturdy classification and then send me your notion.
 Cost is only $65 a plaque which will go up next year. This year is a

KL7RA        Top # QSOs, S/O
EI2CN          W/K/N/VE/XE station with most QSOs with EI/British Isles
N9TF            Top Score QRP, from RF deprived Grids EN00 through EN79
N9TF            Top # Grids NA,S/O,QRP non-resonant antenna <40' above
N9TF             Top Score USA,S/O,L/P-multi trap vertical, non-resonant on
  160M           no matching device for 160 on or at antenna, tuner in shack
UX1UA           Top # SA + NA QSOs by Zone 16 Station
UX1UA           Top # QSOs with Zone 16 by NA Station
K7CA              Top Score Zone 22
K7CA              Top Score Zone 24

W2GD Team   Top # QSOs wid NA/SA by EU Station
KH6LC            Top Score From VK or ZL
K1EP               Top Score by Op 21 y/o or less
K2PO               Top Score, S/O, Low Power, Zone 3
K5WA               Top # Grids using minimally directional antennas-
      (random wire, inverted V or Loop, etc.)
K5WA                Top # Grids 100 watts or less
N7GP                 Top # NA Grids worked from Zone 25
VE9AA               Top Score 100w Mobile- (vehicle,radio, antenna all
      capable of actual highway travel. No need to sign /M)
WA6CDR             N5IA Memorial- Top # Grids Worked
NQ6N                   Highest score by Station working other Stations
        who are running 100 watts or less
EI4HQ                 Top Score, S/O, QRP
K6ND                   K6SE Memorial- Top Score, S/O, World
W7RH                  Top Score Asia, Low Power (100W or less)
K7FL                    Top Score 100% S & P
KR2Q                   Golden Log- Highest # QSOs with no busts
VK6GX                 Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters- (Top Score +/- 15 deg
                              of equator)
K2AV                    Master of The Small Lot- (Top Score from property
     containing all antennas =/< 1/4 acre, 1012 meters square, 10890 sq
WQ4RP                Top Score, Multi-Op, world, QRP

VK6VZ       A Flying Doctors of VK Baseball cap for Top Score- Northern
Hemisphere  Station working Southern Hemisphere Stations.

     The Big Stew is  just hours away. The band has been very good of late.
Go polish your Beverages and Flags, lay in a supply of coffee, replenish
your sleep deficit and sponsor a Stew Perry Plaque that only you can
come up with.
     There will be another posting of the available plaques during the
on Dec. 29. It may have further plaque possibilities for you to ruminate
     73 and I remain,
    Lew    w7ew The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Free Verse
w7ew at arrl.net

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