[CQ-Contest] Anomalous RBN Reports

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Dec 31 16:22:24 EST 2018

Hey Scott, 


I won't pretend to actually "know" how this happens, but I suspect at times
there are various things that can creep into the RBN reporting that just
aren't quite right.


I have noticed once in a while the RBN will spot me when I am not calling CQ
at all, but working S&P, so the timing must've been just right between
someone ELSEs CQ and my calling someone. (in these cases I'm normally
spotted with huge signals reports)


Also, busted calls will creep in. (see the 160m thread about EK8ZT)


It also could be a rare pinpoint opening into OH6 that no live operators
heard you, but the RBN did.


I have been spotted in EU on 10m (usually during summertime Es) and called
CQ and lit the RBN right up and never got a live person on the other end.


In Wed's CWT I had 4 or 5 USA RBN's that heard me on 15m mere moments before
19z, but when I called CQ and also S&P after 19z, I never heard a soul,
except an ESP whisper weak W7SW.


It happens.


In your case maybe you really were loud @ OH6BG...I can't remember if that's
one of the ones that would appear to be generous with the signal reports or
perhaps has a very low local noise level or not.


I look fwd to others analysis of this quirk , too.


dit dit


Mike VE9AA..who lit up no EU RBN's this weekend from the car on 160m !




  During SP last weekend, OH6BG reported that my S/N was 20 dB on 160. As
much as I'd like to believe I'm that loud, conditions were poor, and no
Europeans were coming back, so it's clearly impossible. I've notice such
things before. Has that happened to anyone else, and does anyone have any
idea how it happens? 

73 and HNY,


Scott K9MA



Scott  K9MA


k9ma at sdellington.us



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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