[CQ-Contest] CQWW SSB 2017 Effective DQ

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Thu Feb 1 11:44:35 EST 2018

Patiently reading the thread I'm still interested in the fundamental 
point whether there are any competition rules out in the sports world 
that state different rules for participants only based on their 
anticipation of outcome und aspirations - instead of clear and even 
rules for all (e.g. winning a medal = doping test)?
I imagine Saudi-Arabia and Panama claiming for the upcoming soccer 
worldchampionships that they do not expect even quarterfinals, so they 
do not need to abide to offside rules etc.

Besides fingerpointing on individuals and ease or not of recording this 
seems very important. The "pros" can argue again and again that it has 
no impact on newbies on casuals. It will inevitably seen by many as "we 
are participants of second order" which can't be plausibly denied. On 
the other hand there is NO reliable line from when on someone really has 
to care for reliable recording. The argument "we need recordings only in 
case of doubt and you only have to stick to the rules" does not work 
IMHO, not the less because the accuser has the burden of prove. In real 
life the acucused has the right to remain silent.

Bottom line: If recording is all that easy and not thing at all: Why not 
make it mandatory for all? Why not? It is no burden and it is said to 
help so much. So go forward.
Cheating happens on ALL levels of competition. Why not get cheaters 
early in their career when a penalty still can have an influence other 
than in a later stage of a cheater's career? Recording is cheap and 
easy, so make it mandatory if it is that helpful to get cheaters.
Duck&hide ;-)
73, Chris DL8MBS

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