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Sat Feb 3 12:13:45 EST 2018

and provide a free tool to be used...........so that every recording is 
identical in every way possible.


On 2/1/2018 9:44 AM, Christian Schneider wrote:
> Patiently reading the thread I'm still interested in the fundamental 
> point whether there are any competition rules out in the sports world 
> that state different rules for participants only based on their 
> anticipation of outcome und aspirations - instead of clear and even 
> rules for all (e.g. winning a medal = doping test)?
> I imagine Saudi-Arabia and Panama claiming for the upcoming soccer 
> worldchampionships that they do not expect even quarterfinals, so they 
> do not need to abide to offside rules etc.
> Besides fingerpointing on individuals and ease or not of recording 
> this seems very important. The "pros" can argue again and again that 
> it has no impact on newbies on casuals. It will inevitably seen by 
> many as "we are participants of second order" which can't be plausibly 
> denied. On the other hand there is NO reliable line from when on 
> someone really has to care for reliable recording. The argument "we 
> need recordings only in case of doubt and you only have to stick to 
> the rules" does not work IMHO, not the less because the accuser has 
> the burden of prove. In real life the acucused has the right to remain 
> silent.
> Bottom line: If recording is all that easy and not thing at all: Why 
> not make it mandatory for all? Why not? It is no burden and it is said 
> to help so much. So go forward.
> Cheating happens on ALL levels of competition. Why not get cheaters 
> early in their career when a penalty still can have an influence other 
> than in a later stage of a cheater's career? Recording is cheap and 
> easy, so make it mandatory if it is that helpful to get cheaters.
> Duck&hide ;-)
> 73, Chris DL8MBS
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