[CQ-Contest] Qsorder + N1MM + MK2R+ Question

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Sun Feb 4 16:22:06 EST 2018

For yesterday's sprint, I tried using QSOrder to record the contest. I 
am running SO2R using N1MM and a MicroHam MK2R+ controller. I was able 
to record continuous audio and also create the individual QSO files. 
But, the recordings only contain audio from radio 2. I only started 
playing with the setup a few hours before the contest, and could tell 
this was going to be the outcome (only radio 1 audio).

Can someone who has successfully obtained recordings for both radios 
with this setup tell me what additional things I need to do? Right now, 
I am running only one instance of QSOrder, using "-C" "-P 12060" 
switches. N1MM Config Broadcast Data tab has the "Contacts" box checked.

MicroHam WYH (what you hear) is set with left channel as Radio 1 A, 
right channel as Radio 2 A.

The recorded MP3's only have audio on the right channel. I envision that 
when everything is setup correctly, I will see audio from the right 
headphone channel on the MP3 right channel, and audio from the left 
headhone channel on the MP3 lefet channel.

73 Randy K0EU

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