[CQ-Contest] 4U1WB: ARRL DX Contest: Rule 6.1

Kennan Low kenke3x at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 22:19:12 EST 2018

N1UR wrote:
“You can put in the effort to improve antennas and location.”

Hi Ed -
Maybe elsewhere that’s true but not in DC you can’t!    Here’s a reality check:
1.   The noise floor here is S-7 on a good day, S-9 plus 20dB on a bad day, and you get called an alligator by email after every contest.
2.   You can’t erect an antenna more than 10-feet over the highest point on your house, and it needs to look like a ‘TV antenna’ according to the DC zoning laws.
3.   They don’t even let Cub Scouts launch Estes model rockets here in DC anymore - it violates the drone no-fly-zone rules.
Masa is lucky they allow antennas on the World Bank building at all, for ARRL DX, WPX or whatever else.
Ken KE3X

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