[CQ-Contest] 4U1WB - Clarifying Confusion

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 16 08:12:01 EST 2018

I wanted to drop out of this thread but feel compelled to conclude a bunch
of items that are swirling all over the place.  Especially after my inbox is
filling up with flame mail.

-          My comments had nothing to do with Masa personally.  

-          I have no concern for myself in calling 4U1WB an unfair advantage
in WPX.  Nor do I think DC has advantage of my S1 noise floor on 40, 80, and
160.  I get it.

-          If you look at DX Clusters and chat rooms, MANY people think that
ANY 4U1 station is a DXCC for them.  And want to work the station.
Generically, I believe that's an unfair advantage in a contest for a special
single station vs the rest.  That's it.  Not about me.  Generically.

-          Is the World Bank actually a sovereign spot like the UN in NYC?
If so, sorry, but in this instance Masa is not in DC, he's in something, but
not in DC.  I am not sure that's the case, but I will let others who know
the true legality chime in.  If he is in DC, then he can use his W3 call if
he wants.  If the rules of that club forbid it, well honestly, that's not
the Contest rules problem.  


Folks I was trying to make a generic point.  I didn't make it personal.
Everyone else did.


Lets move on to something better like ARRL DX CW this weekend.


73 and good luck to all.



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