[CQ-Contest] T power

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Feb 20 15:59:30 EST 2018

K is fine why KW?   K even works for that other mode SSB.  Which will be a
real gem in a few weeks with these condx! 


= = = = =  =

Mike, Personally I like "KW" on cw vs. just the lone "K"..the "W" gives me
an extra element in the exchange for cross checking.

Ie: there is no PW, NW, MW, so it *HAS* to be "KW"....of course, there is
always the chance it's "5W" which threw me.

I'd prefer just the "5", but I get why they send "5W" or sometimes "TT5"
(they're usually pretty weak and sending 5 5 or 5 5 5 is confusing

If they just send "K" (which a few did), I sometimes lose it in a static
crash (or in my case, the enormous whooomp whooomp pulses of the electric
fence next door.)

If I hear only part of the K (say just the DAH, I don't know if he was
without power, sending me 10, 50 or whatever.

I might only hear part of the K.the DI-part, so I still am not 100% sure.


The DX must have figured out sending both elements "K" and "W" was good for
business as most of them do it.

(and I'd wager very few repeats)


Sending UTT UTT UTT (3 times in a row w/o being asked) (plus all the other
fluff like callsigns when we've already established that) is very


Mike VE9AA


Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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