[CQ-Contest] Response from Directors

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It certainly appears that Mr. Gallagher is running the show now, rather than 
the representatives we elected:


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I have today received an emailed response from Dick Norton, N6AA and Jay,
K0QB. While Dick has given me permission to make his email public, he
expressed in a telephone conversation that he would prefer speaking on the
phone rather than engaging in a series of emails. If you wish to speak with
Dick, I suggest you email him and set up a time for a conversation. Dick
told me that he has received hundreds of emails of support with more coming
in each day. He also expressed that emails notifying the ARRL of members
intent to stop their charitable giving and removal of the ARRL from members'
wills has been duly noted by Board members who are seriously concerned about
that happening.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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