[CQ-Contest] SO2R audio recording

Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Tue Jan 16 13:40:48 EST 2018

I have a PX-470, rather than the model linked.  It creates one big file from the time you start recording to the time it stops

I've only used it "in anger" once, and haven't had a need to go hunting individual QSO's, but I imagine that finding a particular QSO would look something like this:

0. Use an mp3/media player that displays timestamps of where you are in the recording.

1. Find your first QSO, noting time in log and timestamp in recording.

2. Find the desired QSO in the log, and subtract the time of that contact from the time of the first QSO.

3. Add the difference to the timestamp of the first QSO in the recording, and drag the playback slider to about the indicated point.

The gadget itself worked well, aside from my not having used it enough before the contest in question.  An extra button push is required to really start it recording...and it was about an hour into the contest before I glanced down and noticed the recorder wasn't recording.

Michael Adams | mda at n1en.org

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The Sony looks like it is a nice recorder. Does it create one huge 48 hour file or multiple smaller files?  How do you locate a particular QSO or time frame if needed.

John KK9A

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And also this teeny recorder:
Sony ICD UX 533 from Best Buy...I think it was $50 or so on sale ~ 2 years ago.

Mike, Coreen & Corey
Keswick Ridge, NB

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