[CQ-Contest] CQWW SSB 2017 Effective DQ

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Sun Jan 28 09:19:32 EST 2018

IMHO it cant't work in any competition to apply different rulings 
amongst the participants of the same category. You can have a separate 
category or league where all the selected have to play by different 
rules than the rest of the pack (like a predefined Formula1 of former 
champions, winners etc requiring audio, exact frequencies). But the 
rules you follow cannot change depending on your outcome. I don't think 
that is the case in any competition - because it seems to be against the 
name of the games and the spirit of a competition - as naive as it may 
seem to "the pros". All kinds of sport gain much of their attraction by 
a suddenly successful "underdog".
73 Chris DL8MBS

Am 27.01.2018 um 16:55 schrieb scottmcleman36 at gmail.com:
> So i received an email from the CQWW Contest Committee. I will be reclassified to an "Administrative Checklog" for the 2017 CQWW SSB Contest.
> This is because i am placing in the top 5 of the QRP Category and i did not make an audio recording of the contest.
> This is ridiculous! i will not be listed in the results. Effectively being disqualified without the actual DQ label!
> I did not record my audio because
> A) I did not expect to place highly
> B) I did not win or qualify for a plaque
> C) I compete for fun
> Yes i could have recorded my audio, but i was not expecting to place highly. I went to a lot of effort to be on the air!
> To end up with nothing to show for it in the results is ridiculous.
> I would have accepted this if i had placed 1st in the category or had placed high enough to win a plaque. but not for being in the top 5.
> Or even being reclassified into another category. Not to be effectively disqualified.
> I think this rule really needs to be looked at!
> Is this what a contester can expect in the future? to be removed from results, if they unexpectedly place in the top 5!?
> This really makes me not want to participate in what is classed as the biggest contest of the calendar.
> Below is the email i received from the committee.
> Dear MM3AWD,
> We previously requested that you submit an audio recording of yoru CQWW SSB 2017 contest operation, as required in the CQWW Rules.
> CQWW Rules (XII.C. Audio Recordings):
> “Audio Recordings: Any single operator entrant (see V.A.1) competing for a top five finish at the (a) World, (b) Continent, or (c) USA levels, including Classic Overlay, must record the transmitted and received audio as heard by the operator for the duration of the contest operation. The recording must be in a common format (e.g., mp3) and should include the audio to each ear as a separate channel. The recording must be a continuous recording (not a recording of individual QSOs). Time “off the air” (when not transmitting or receiving) does not have to recorded. The recording may be requested by the Committee within 120 days after the log deadline to help adjudicate the log. The recording files must be provided by the entrant within 5 days of the request. If no recording is made available, the Committee may reclassify to an appropriate category, reclassify to Administrative Check Log, or disqualify the entry…”
> Because you did not submit the required audio recording, your entry has been reclassified to the Administrative Check Log category.
> Your score will not be listed in the results. Your call sign will be listed as an Administrative Check Log.
> We welcome you to participate in the CQWW contests in 2018 and sincerely hope to see you then.
> 73’s
> Bob, W5OV; Doug, KR2Q; Scott, W4PA
> Co-Directors
> CQWW Contest Committee
> 73, Scott
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