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W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Sun Jan 28 14:22:04 EST 2018

What exactly would a recording of what you received proved?  That they 
moved into your spot?  It does not prove anything else.  I suspect you 
are trying to say they were listening on an SDR which may or may not be 
true.  How could you prove it.    Later it turns out that maybe it was 
conditions?  This is where things get really dicey.

Taking over someones spot is part of the game like it or not.  I watched 
numerous time where East coast stations continued to creep in on me from 
both sides.  Not much I can do.


On 1/28/2018 9:27 AM, Tom Haavisto wrote:
> I see there is a (continuing) controversy about contest recording. My
> understanding is the for the CQWW at least, the contest is recorded from
> several locations around the world by SDR receivers and then shipped to the
> contest committee.
> I was very much in the camp of “Well – if the contest committee wants to
> hear what happened on the air, they have the time, date and frequency, as
> well as a recording if they want to hear what happened."  Until last night
> in the CQ 160 contest, and no, I did not record it.
> A few times, someone got pretty close to me, and in one case, started CQing
> right on top of me. Fair disclosure – I run a KW into a full size vertical,
> and these guys were LOUD.  A few times, I even checked the amp and the
> wattmeter to make sure things were working, and I was starting to seriously
> wonder about a few folks...  Once, twice... OK, something odd is going
> on...   A few times when I reverted to S&P, I called a few loud guys, and
> it took them several tries for them to pull out my call.  This was not
> normal.
> As we all know, 160 is an interesting band and still pulls up a few
> surprises now and then.  This being the latest example.  An SDR would not
> have captured what I experienced - the only way to capture this would be a
> personal recording.
> Just food for thought.
> Tom - VE3CX
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