[CQ-Contest] YL-OM contest date 9 to 11 FEB

Rjairam rjairam at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 08:48:14 EST 2018

Friends -

I would like to make a note of a correction of the date of the YL-OM
contest. It is February 9-11 not Feb 2-4 as stated in QST and other places.

I’ve informed Bruce Horn of the changes and the correct dates should be on
the YLRL website under contest and DX awards as well as the contest

I am hoping we can gain more interest in this contest as more YLs are
upgrading to HF capable licenses and are encouraged to get on the air.

I am also working with YLRL to make some needed updates to the contest to
make it more in line with other events and easier to submit logs.

Ria, N2RJ
YLRL district 2 chair

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