[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2022 qualifications criterias? Any new thoughts or ideas?

Martin, LU5DX lu5dx at lucg.com.ar
Thu Jul 5 19:18:55 EDT 2018

It would be really nice to see WRTC contributing to Fair Play in our hobby.
Ideally WRTC qualifying would be on-site regional competitions during the
three IARU contests prior to the next WRTC.

RRTC can serve as an example.

If the qualifying run remains as is, we will continue to see what we have
seen so far in terms of unsportsmanlike conducts in amateur radio contests.

Martin LU5DX

El jue., 5 jul. 2018 11:25 a. m., Kari Gustafsson <kari at sm0hrp.se> escribió:

> Hi contesters!
> It may be a little bit early to ask about WRTC 2022 when 2018 has not yet
> been concluded.
> I am relatively new to contesting  but I have been attracted by it. With
> remote contesting as a new reality it opens up a new "world". A new
> challenging path after doing some 20 years if DX-ing. And building a
> competitive remote contest station adds some new thrills into the hobby.
> But as a newbie to WRTC who (if possible to say anything) with the
> knowledge
> in WRTC could say some words of what the criterias for WRTC 2022 might be?
> Or are the similar from WRTC to WRTC over the years?  Are there any
> foreseen
> changes being discussed due to a more elderly ham population out there? For
> instance fewer contests and more 24 hour contests.
> I have had the opportunity to talk to Ingo SM5AJV,  who has qualified for
> this WRTC, about what he had to put into it in efforts. And I was chocked
> over the amount of time and the number of contests. To be able to
> accomplish
> this I need to change jobs and move my bed from the bedroom  (where my wife
> sleeps) into the ham shack :) Hmmm seems like a large sacrifice..
> Best 73s Kari SM0HRP
> http://remotedxandcontestblog.sm0hrp.se/
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