[CQ-Contest] Insects in Tribander Traps

K9MA k9ma at sdellington.us
Fri Jul 13 17:10:52 EDT 2018

This is what happens when the bugs get into a trap:


Scott K9MA

On 7/13/2018 12:13, K9MA wrote:
> My A3S traps have sometimes been infested with insects, which 
> presumably got in through the drain holes.  I'm planning to cover the 
> holes with small patches of screen, attached with silicone adhesive.  
> This is going to be a lot of work, and I'm wondering if there are any 
> possible adverse effects. Note that I'm not covering the whole trap 
> with screen, just a little square over each hole, so added weight and 
> wind load will be minimal.  Has anyone else tried this?
> 73,
> Scott K9MA

Scott  K9MA

k9ma at sdellington.us

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