[CQ-Contest] ergonomic chair for improving BIC time

giwagner at k5kg.com giwagner at k5kg.com
Mon Jun 4 09:05:25 EDT 2018

I have two different office/shack chairs, and they have both held up well
over the years. They are a Lazy Boy office chair, and a Herman Miller chair.
The Herman Miller was mucho 'spensive, but well worth the cost in the long
run, IMO.

In a long contest, I will occasionally change which one I am using.

George, K5KG

George I. Wagner
Sarasota, Florida

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I need to retire my ancient office chair and get something that is more
supportive of long BIC durations.

I have tried a number of economical big box and office supply alternatives
and those tend to break under the weight of my not-so-svelte body - or are
not very comfortable in the long run. I am realizing that it may require
spending quite a few pennies from the piggy bank to get something more
industrial duty.

Any recommendations?


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