[CQ-Contest] [WRTC2018] looking for a new team leader

Bob Shohet, KQ2M kq2m at kq2m.com
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Hi Ron,

Thank you.  I was very fortunate to have previously earned the position of Team Leader in three WRTC’s in 1990 Seattle, 2000 Slovenia and 2002 Finland.  They were all incredible events and among the highlights of my life.

I was not addressing the protocol for how a replacement competitor is chosen, only pointing out the medical reality that necessitated my withdrawal and that medical issues as a reason for withdrawal are unfortunately likely to become more frequent in the future as we collectively age.


Bob  KQ2M

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First, I was unaware of the circumstances, WRT the 2006 WRTC.  I am sorry to
hear about this, as I know how hard you've worked to qualify.

That said, 

My original query was not about why a replacement was picked.  I understand
completely that things happen, even at almost the last minute, and that the
WRTC sponsors need the flexibility to make a replacement.

I was simply curious as to why it appeared that there was little to no
consideration of replacing the first qualifier from AF with the next person
in line.

Now, I'm just curious.  I am not asking for an explanation, nor do I wish to
imply that anyone owes me one.  (Obviously Jorge may feel differently about
that).  Nor is the WRTC committee required to explain... it would be nice if
they did, but they're not required.  

To my way of thinking, though, one would hope that there is when a
substitute is picked, one of two reasons takes place...
(1)  The next (or next best) qualifier for the region, if any, is asked, and
if they can go at the last minute, accepted
(2)  The next best overall qualifier, regardless of region, is asked, etc.

Simply stating the reasoning behind the choice avoids any appearance of
favoritism or impropriety.  One may not agree with it, but one can at least
understand it.

That was my only reason behind the query.  I hope I have not stirred up an
unintended tempest in a teapot by doing so.

GL to all the WRTC teams.

73, ron w3wn

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Medical situations often arise unexpectedly.  I was a US Team Leader for
WRTC 2006 held in Florianopolis, Brazil and I was forced to withdraw just
one month  before WRTC as a result of severe complications of surgery, which
made it impossible for me to operate much less travel.

As a group, as contesters continue to age, it is more and more likely that
we will see an increase in medically related reasons for withdrawals.


Bob  KQ2M

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Hi all:

One thing is, I imagine it is quite rare for someone to drop out after
qualifying.  People work for years and invest considerable time, money,
and various other resources in order to qualify.  The most likely scenario
is a very last minute thing.  Someone gets sick, or has a family emergency
Or some situation in their home country becomes dangerous.  In this case,
the replacement process in the WRTC rules, (basically a ad hoc, "ok, who
can do this" process) is the only feasible option.  The partner is already
there, it wouldn't be right to sideline him/her etc.  (Full disclosure, I'm
Planning on being in Wittenberg, and I did put in for the position.)  A
change a month ahead of time isn't exactly the same, but I'm not sure it is
much different.  It would be tough to get someone who wasn't already
planning on being there.

Regarding DL1CW, I know the request states that he *must* be the partner.
Even if that wasn't included though, I can't imagine anyone not 
giving him the spot, it's simply the right thing to do.

Steve KL7SB

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