[CQ-Contest] [DX-IS] Re: RBN Announcement on FT8 Spotting

Radio K0HB kzerohb at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 20:12:43 EDT 2018

I’m not a fan of the trend towards “Click Here for a QSO” DX’ing.

But I can sort-of understand the attractiveness of the cluster/RBN in CW,
where 100Hz receiver filters might require some mental activity and
physical manipulation of a big black knob in order to find a “rare one”.

However, a Xtal-controlled receiver with 3kHz bandpass and less than a
dozen crystals will cover the entire universe of FT8 on MF/HF.  Just plug
in the appropriate crystal for the time of day, launch WSJT-x, and if you
don’t see a signal, no outside-fed assistance is going to benefit you in
any way.

73, de Hans, K0HB
“Just a Boy and his Radio”™

> On 13/06/2018 6:54 AM, gary.k7ek at yahoo.com [DX-IS] wrote:
> Seems to me we forget that the initial response to general CW skimmer
> traffic was very similar to that of FT8 nowadays. Oh no, the sky is
> falling! We cannot let that happen. But in retrospect the worst has not
> happened and CW skimmer spots are now the norm, and in high demand. I
> believe that FT8 should be given equal priority to all other modes. The
> choice to enable or disable FT8 spots should be the decision of the
> individual DX node user. To be completely fair, I feel that all spots,
> irregardless of type, should be made available by the DX node sysops. Let
> the individual choose whether to access them or not. That's worked very
> well with CW Skimmer spots for  years. What's different about FT8, other
> than it's become the best thing since sliced bread? Don't punish FT8
> because just because it has run rings around CW.
> I am not sure what happened to DL4RCK's digital skimmer server, but my DX
> node, W7JD-1, can no longer reach it. Too bad there's not a series of 24/7
> digital-only type of skimmer servers available that could be opted in or
> out by the individual on a particular DX node. Some work digital, some work
> CW. I think there's room for both groups. Condemning a single mode just
> because it has become very popular, in my opinion, is NOT the way to go. If
> we had something like RCK's digital skimmer that could do FT8 in addition
> to other digital modes, that would be a great boon to spotting. Once again,
> I emphasize that the decision to enable or disable any sort of skimmer
> spots should be up to the individual DX node user, not the node sysop. We
> should provide all available feeds, irrelevant of mode, and let the end
> user make the ultimate choice. DX nodes are there to serve the individual
> end users , remember? Leave enabling/disabling, filtering, etc, to the end
> user, our customer.
> Best regards,
> Gary, K7EK
> Sysop, W7JD-1
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