[CQ-Contest] WRTC looking for a new team leader

Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
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Hi all:

It's not quite that straightforward.  "Remoting" can mean a bunch of
different things.  There are the "Rent A Stations", (both Remote and In
Person), some of which are Professional Level revenue centers, some just
"helps me cover the expense of my addiction."  The in person "Rent A
Stations" are a great time
For folks who either don't have home stations, or live in less than ideal

There are also situations like mine and they are becoming quite common too.
I live in an urban area (yes there are some, even in Alaska), with a decent
station, given that situation, and I now I own a Multi/Multi Contest
station, about 100KM away as the crow flies.  I don't have remoting setup
yet, and it is *very* unlikely, that even when I do, that I will do anything
with it commercially, or open it up to anyone other than our in person
regulars.  My "primary mission" is to continue the legacy of an in person
multi op station in KL7, in the spirit of the man who built it, who was not
a fan of remoting.  Having said that, once I have the capacity, no doubt
I'll occasionally remote in for either dx, or one of the smaller contests,
and I don't see how it would be any different from
making the short flight down there.  Likely it will involve VOIP (well
really CWOIP) :)  If that was an absolute disqualification, I could, with a
pretty heavy
duty investment, setup a microwave relay (and guys were doing that Fifty
years ago).

The battle (I think) you are fighting was over as soon as any type of
outside "Assistance" was allowed.  Things evolve, and right now they evolve
Packet Cluster-Skimmer-RBN-IP Remoting-Something we haven't yet thought of.
I was cynical about remoting, and I'm still hoping that in person remains
the default for Multi Ops, because there is a social element to it that
can't be replicated any other way.  Other than that, contesting and emerging
digital modes are the two healthiest areas of this hobby, and especially in
the U.S. the Amateur Radio Demographic is aging, and increasingly not in a
position to set up a fully operational station at home.    We don't have the
luxury of stagnating, even if we want to.  No doubt at some point, "What
station do I want to use" will became a strategy question, along with "When
should I take my off time."  It's different, not better, not worse.  Our job
is to embrace that, while still doing our best to make sure that it's fun
for "A boy and his radio."

Steve KL7SB

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> One cannot vilify remote ops winning our area without also vilifying guest
ops / DXPeditions.
> Tim / N6WIN.

In general, guest ops have made a commitment in terms of time and money to
operate from their chosen location. In general, remote ops have made no such
commitment, and are dependent on the internet for each and every one of
their contacts.

Radio amateurs do it (communicate with one another) with RF. Everyone else
needs the internet.  Or have the rules changed?

Paul EI5DI

Hunting In Africa

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