[CQ-Contest] RBN Announcement on FT8 Spotting

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 13 17:38:41 EDT 2018

"Me three."

I guess it's time I admitted the hobby is taking important steps and 
leaving me behind. I "get it" that really serious DXers can't let any new 
band country, regardless of mode, get away from them. I worked 'em all on 
phone or CW and just don't have the drive any longer. For me, it's CW and 
rag chewing and certain contests. So enjoy the new mode. I get it, sort of, 
but it's not for me. To have my computer talk to your computer with me in, 
at best, a side position, just leaves me flat, even though there is no 
doubt that the S/N technology is superior and quite advanced.

73, Jim N3BB

At 03:02 PM 6/13/2018 -0400, Yuri wrote:
>It's hard to disagree with you, Peter.
>Yuri  VE3DZ
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>Let it rip.
>Who cares any more as FT8 is about computers talking to computers while 
>the operator is doing
>- or has his mind - on other things. Ham Heaven is here according to the 
>masses and apparently statistics. RBN is all about computers anyway.
>And we must make decisions based on statistics - right?
>To be able to make use of the FT8 "Deep"
>functionality the computer needs the info to decode unknown callsigns that 
>are "22 dB below the noise level".
>So why not feed the computers with as much info as possible to speed up 
>the journey up the DXCC ladder. Then, when the barn is full, some 
>operators might even return to real ham radio again without concerns over 
>what is fed to the RBN network.
>Peter SM2CEW
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