[CQ-Contest] WRTC, 1990 to 2018

David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 09:34:26 EDT 2018

TBT!  As several hundred contesters around the world prepare to depart for
this year's WRTC in Germany, and several thousand more prepare to
participate from their home stations by contacting the special stations,
here's a link to the movie about the first WRTC held in Seattle in 1990.
The movie captures the international goodwill, optimism, and energy of the
early 1990's.  Movie: 1990 WRTC in Seattle <https://tinyurl.com/yc6opsf5>.

Three weeks from today the opening ceremony of the eighth World Radiosport
Team Championship (WRTC2018) will be held in historic Lutherstadt
Wittenberg, Germany.  It will be streamed live, beginning at about 1700 UTC
on Thursday, July 12.   A live WRTC competitors' scoreboard will be
streamed throughout the weekend's contest (1200 UTC Saturday to 1200 UTC
Sunday).  WRTC2018 will conclude with live streaming of the closing
ceremony on Monday (July 16), beginning at approximately 1700 UTC.  Go to
http://wrtc2018.de for the live video link, scoreboard, information on
special awards for contacting WRTC stations, and all related information.

One of the unique features of WRTCs is that operators around the world also
can join in from home and become part of the event.  Indeed, this is
necessary for there to be an event!

WRTC2018 offers unique awards and prizes to operators who get on the air,
contact the WRTC stations, and submit their log within six hours of the
contest end (by 1800 UTC Sunday).  Complete information is (or will be) at
the above link, or for awards information, go directly to

73, Dave K3ZJ

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