[CQ-Contest] CW contesting with TS-590SG

Thomas Schaefer ny4i at ny4i.com
Thu Jun 21 12:01:40 EDT 2018

Note I am not discussing the merits of any package over the other, but I will add that open-source TR4W (www.tr4w.net) does support CWByCAT (full disclosure: I work on the TR4W development team). 

By enabling the option, rather than programming special codes into the command sequences, the program sends the proper commands to the radio to generate the CW via strings to the CAT port. Even though you can program the macro keys with the special codes for your radio to send you info, with the CWByCAT feature, when you send the other stations call (or variable exchanges like sequence numbers in other contests), that is generated automatically by commands to the radio. Conceptually, this is similar to how the programs handle a WinKeyer. They send text to the WinKeyer and it generates the CW. This works the same way where we send text to the program as a ‘KY command and it creates the proper CW. This works for Elecraft radios, Later Kenwoods and later Icoms. Yaesu does not have the option to send CW directly by CAT even in their latest radios.

My CW memories simply have CQ FD \ \ FD and not any special CAT codes embedded. 

I like it in Field Day particularly because I do not have to take a separate WinKeyer along. 


Tom NY4I

> On Jun 21, 2018, at 10:11 AM, N9GG via CQ-Contest <cq-contest at contesting.com> wrote:
> Hi gang -
> I am getting a TS-590SG and use Windows 10. Recently I used N1MM+ with a 7300. I realize that this radio cannot accept CW keying directly from a USB port like the Icom.
> I am only an occasional operator at the moment and have the scantiest of antennas. This may change. I would like to find a simple way to send CW from a contest program to the 590. As you may know, it has USB, com, straight keying and paddle ports.
> The world uses N1MM+ and I have, but I don't care for it. I operate unassisted so I would like something simple that would at minimum have templates for the contests and country codes. 
> Please tell me what you think.
> Thanks. See you on Field Day.
>                                                   Bob N9GG aka WN3K
>                                                                 Go FRC!!
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