[CQ-Contest] Announcing the 360th Annual Dayton K9PG Hooters party for Contesters!

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Fri May 11 15:34:52 EDT 2018

360th?  Three Hundred and Sixtieth?

All righty then.  I don't know what you've been imbibing, but save some for me!

73, ron W3WN

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Contesters Rejoice!!

Announcing the 360th annual K9PG Dayton Hooters Party!!

Thursday May 17, 5pm (Hooters Happy Hour is from 4-6pm;(or maybe it's 3 to
6?)... I believe they have discounted pitchers of beer and appetizers, feel
free to show up earlier and to warm yourself up.

Hooters of Dayton
6851 Miller Lane,
Dayton, OH

http://goo.gl/maps/0mbv6 <https://goo.gl/maps/0mbv6>

As the tradition goes, please wear your brightest & most outrageous
Hawaiian shirt! Bonuses for furry pimp hats and neon sport coats and
stylish ties! The notorious & illustrious pink jacket will be awarded to
the lid with the brightest and most obnoxious get-up, provided last year's
winner AJ9C shows up with it.

Free wings will start around 6:30pm or so... maybe before that , whenever
see when people start asking for them.

If you have room in your car for a couple lids, please let it be known.

As soon as you're done with Contest University, head on over!!!

RSVP not necessary, but would is encouraged.

As always, SSTVers are not welcome.

Paul Gentry
Paul at k9pg.com
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