[CQ-Contest] KH7X in AZ

Bill Mader billamader at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 12:44:57 EST 2018

When operating from NM (on and off since 1978), I don't use a portable
designator except for the three character county abbreviation when
operating mobile (roving) for the NMQP.

When operating from CO for SS, I don't use "/0" since the exchange includes

When operating from AZ in the AZQP or from UT in the 7QP, I use the "/7" to
indicate I am operating from within the "desired" location.  Of course,
when operating from NM in either of these events, I would S&P, rarely call
CQ, and not bother with a portable designator since it would have no value
in either event.

Except for the county designators when operating mobile, I also upload to
LotW using what I send; i.e.; K8TE/7 and include the appropriate grid
square, county, and State in that upload.  If one needs a confirmation for
those items, that becomes a big deal.  This means I have many locations in
TQSL for LotW.  It's not difficult to do so, but it is tedious, especially
as a rover.

I am a big fan of appropriate designators (ethics and morals) even though
signing "KS5Z/VY2" a couple of years ago cost us a lot of contacts!  There
were too many letters and numbers for some ops to handle.  I agree with
Steve and will find an alternative solution if we operate on PEI again.

I wish I had felt well enough to operate SS-CW this past weekend.  I'll be
training inexperienced ops in Lubbock again for SS-SSB at KS5Z instead of
operating at Lost Creek Cabin this year.  Yeah contesting!

73, Bill,, K8TE
>> On 11/5/2018 9:23 AM, Barry wrote:
>> In SS this weekend, I worked KH7X in AZ.  is it OK (contest rules,
legally, morally) not to sign /W7?
> Of course. That's the purpose of sending and copying the exchange!
> Sometime in the '70s, FCC Rules made all US calls valid anywhere in the
US, including territories and possessions, and eliminated the requirement
for sending /n. Before that time, we were issued two licenses -- one an
Operator's License designating our privileges, and the second a Station
License for a specific address. Now, the address on our license is an
address where we guarantee that we can receive mail notices from the FCC.
> When a similar question was raised on another reflector yesterday, I
posted this.
> The contest club of which I am a member, NCCC, has more than a dozen very
active members who have kept our non-six-area calls, and none of us ever
sign /6. I've never understood why a few guys do -- it takes more time send
and copy and log. And I NEVER log /n designators for US calls.
> K7SV lives in VA, K5ZD in MA, N8OO in LA, K8TE and N2IC in NM, K6LL in
AZ, K2AV in NC, K4XU, W2VJN, KA6BIM, and N6TR in OR, N2BJ in IL, N3BB in
TX, K2SX in SC, KU8E in GA, K5KG in FL, K0EJ and W9WI in TN. W0AIH, who we
tragically lost last week, lived in WI, where he built a spectacular
contesting station. Lots of guys with 2-calls have either moved to or have
homes in FL or AZ. K2LE often operates from VT. All are very active
contesters, none ever sign /n.
> 73, Jim K9YC

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