[CQ-Contest] Thoughts on automatic low-power bandpass filters

Steve Lott lottsphoto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 21:43:47 EST 2018

K1TTT has info in his building a contest super station manual and probably
his blog as well on ice 419b. Upgrades

Scott. I’m currently using the band passer units
One caution limit your power thru then to 125 Watts or less or you will pop
the capacitors

At my new Qth. I’m using two separate rev antennas
One on each rig with rcvr guards
My rcv antennas are over a thousand feet apart


On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 7:21 PM <w5wz at w5wz.com> wrote:

> I use ICE 419B band pass filters between my transceivers and amplifiers.
>   They work, but I realize that others may work better.  To my knowledge,
> these are the players in the low power (200 watt) automatic band pass
> arena:
> New prices listed
> $318 ICE 419B
> $505 Dunestar Multi Band Remote Switched Bandpass Filter
> $700 DX Engineering 419 Automatic Band Pass Filter Systems
> $700 AS-419 - "BandPasser II"
> Are there other systems out there?
> What is your experience with each of these?
> How would you rank them?
> Has anyone modified and published a "how-to" to modify the ICE system
> for better performance?
> --Scott, W5WZ
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