[CQ-Contest] Online Scoreboards

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 22 07:04:41 EST 2018

Agree with EA8RM, N2IC, and others. Many issues:

1. Personally, I have no Internet in the radio shack. So it's impossible 
for me to meet a Real Time Scoreboard or have Internet access.
2. I agree with Steve that to have this info while others don't is unfair. 
Some might not post by strategy, while using the info from others to an 
3. The 3830 site has lots and lots of post-contest data.
4. Some remote DX locations do not have Internet access ... period.

5. I suppose "The Internet Changes Everything" capability will at some 
time, and in some form, demand some "real time" scoring. I agree that it's 
sort of strange, as K5ZD noted, to sit there alone and work hard for a long 
period and not have any indication of relative standing, etc. So for those 
for whom that's imperative, let there be such a category. Call it "Active 
Scoreboard," or akin to that, and the operator can be either  "Assisted" or 
"Non-Assisted" based on his/her (morals and) preference. But don't make 
this mandatory. For me, if Real-Time Scoreboard is absolutely required for 
participation, the sport will lose me, for better or worse.

Jim N3BB

At 10:56 PM 11/21/2018 +0000, Juan Hidalgo EA8RM wrote:
>Totally agree with Steve. That’s happened specially during WRTC 
>qualification contest. It is time to include in the rules “the station 
>must publish score during the contest” so less hopping categories after 
>the contest. Today it is no problem to connect internet from anywhere in 
>the world like 20 years ago, it is time to do some more changes. Regards. 
>73 de EA8RM /  EF8R EF8U Manager Enviado desde mi iPhone > El 20 nov 2018, 
>a las 20:49, Steve London <n2icarrl at gmail.com> escribió: > > The problem 
>with the online scoreboard chase is that it not balanced. After 
>encouraging folks to post their scores, I can choose to not post my score. 
>Thus, I have real-time knowledge about the competition that they don't 
>have about me. This is not true in any other sport. > > 73, > Steve, 
>N2IC > >> On 11/20/2018 11:50 AM, Bill via CQ-Contest wrote: >>   With 
>contest final results taking so long to come out, 
>contestonlinescore.com >> and 3830scores.com have become the defacto 
>contest results for me. The online >> chase is great - many thanks to 
>Victor VA2WA and Randy K5ZD! >> 73, Bill KO7SS in Arizona >> 
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