[CQ-Contest] Sending 'test'

V Sidarau vs_otw at rogers.com
Tue Nov 27 18:06:33 EST 2018

Hello Chris,

1. If there is no trailing TEST, then how would people distinguish a CQ call from a S&P call? 
Look at this:
CQ GM2V GM2V (a CQ call)
GM2V GM2V (you call somebody else).
The only difference is the short CQ in the very beginning. If I miss it, I have to stop and wait for your next full CQ call to make sure, it is really CQ, and I don't disrupt your S&P call. As a result, I waste my time, and so do you.  Having heard your TEST in the end, I would call you right away, and instead of making another CQ call you would already have another QSO conducted. 

2. If you call like this:
Then how do I know WHEN your CQ call is over, if there is no clear "stop" sign? Are you sending your call once, twice, or more? I simply don't know that and I have wait not just to the end of your CQ call, but somewhat longer until it becomes clear, your call is over and I can finally call you. Once again, both you and me are wasting time.

If you want to make your CQ call shorter, you may better omit the starting CQ but keep the trailing TEST, instead. 
GM2V GM2V TEST would be perfectly fine.

Thanks for all the QSOs.


Vlad VE3TM


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Hello all

Thanks to everyone who worked GM2V in CQ WW CW – the world’s #1 CW contest!

I was puzzled as to why many stations waste time by still sending ‘CQ <callsign> Test’ i.e. the stock macro from most of the contest software writers.

It’s a major contest weekend, many stations are using contest callsigns, the CW portions of the contest bands are full of signals, so ‘Test’ seems completely redundant to me. No-one would try to have a rag-chew on CW during CQ WW CW, or am I wrong?

73   Chris

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