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I fully support K9YC's recommendation that ARRL members contact 
their directors so that they become aware of the need to quickly act 
force a change in the unfortunate choice of 7047.5 kHz for routine 
and rapidly growing FT4 activity. 


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What are PVRC members opinions and recommendations about the 
unwise choice of 7047.5 kHz for FT4 activity? While the FT4 
development team naively expected FT4 to be used only during 
contests, inevitably FT4 use is rapidly growing for routine QSOs. 

In my opinion the obvious 40 meter FT4 frequency range is in 
the much more lightly used 7100-7125 kHz segment. 

Something must be done soon. 


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7047 has been chosen, and many fans of WSJT modes have observed that 
it's likely to start a war. That range is widely used by W1AW, state QSO 
parties, QRP and QRS operation, county hunters, most CW contests, and 
many others. Sure, the WSJT team think it's only for contests, but if 
you build it, they will come, and they are coming. I had QRM from FT4 
operators during NAQP CW. 

I am a huge fan of the work of K1JT and his team (I use FT8 extensively 
on 160M and 6M), but they ain't perfect, and this is a massive screw-up. 
The default 40M FT4 frequency ought to be somewhere north of 7070 kHz. 
OTOH, I have no issue with the DXpedition mode frequency around 7058. I 
urge all contest clubs to contact both the WSJT team and their ARRL 
representatives about this. 

73, Jim K9YC 
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