[CQ-Contest] 40M FT4 Frequency

Michael Adams mda at n1en.org
Mon Aug 5 22:29:31 EDT 2019

I think the decision was made by the developers.

Keep in mind that finding a frequency on 40m is challenged because band plans, and available frequencies, are so different around the world.   The FT8 watering hole at 7074 is already about where phone starts in Region 1, so finding a good watering hole further up the dial would be a problem.   I'd think that perhaps 7072 would have been a better choice, but I can see where someone might have wanted to be cute and decided to suggest 7047 for FT4 to go along with 7074 for FT8.

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 Who declared 7047 as the FT4 frequency? Are they being approached to change that decision?

73  -  Jim   K8MR

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