[CQ-Contest] 40M FT4 Frequency

Jim Rhodes jim at rhodesend.net
Tue Aug 6 17:19:24 EDT 2019

Some countries only have part of what we do for 40, so what we in the US
use as an RTTY subband is considered a phone subband for them, by
convention or rule. If you want to work the DX you have to work them there.
I had a CW op follow me around trying to QRM me during one contest.

Jim Rhodes

On Tue, Aug 6, 2019, 15:01 <john at kk9a.com> wrote:

> What does 7.040 RTTY/Data DX mean?  Is this a single channel?  FWIW I
> have made a number of DX RTTY QSOs slightly above 7.040, perhaps even
> on the new 7.0475 FT4 frequency.  That segment of 40m is quite busy in
> RTTY, CW and even SSB contests.
> John KK9A
> Michael Ritz w7vo wrote:
> The ARRL Bandplan on the website shows:
> 7.040   RTTY/Data DX
> 7.080-7.125     RTTY/Data
> I don't know where the 7047 kHz frequency came from, but that choice
> kind of surprised me when I first loaded FT8/FT4 onto one of my
> station computers a couple of weeks ago. The FT8 frequencies are hard
> coded into the software, but there are no pre-loaded frequencies for
> FT4. I had to research on-line to figure out where they were.
> The FCC limits for data are 7000 to 7125 kHz, (for Extras, and of
> course it varies by class). Exactly what do you want the Board to do
> here, come up with a recommended special ARRL bandplan for FT8/FT4?
> 73;
> Mike Ritz, W7VO
> Director, NW Division
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