[CQ-Contest] WW-Digi Contest -- Rule Clarification

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Tue Aug 6 20:30:15 EDT 2019

There are several software packages available that have taken the WSJT
decoding engine and created the ability to make multiple QSOs at the same
time.  It is just a matter of sending tones on multiple audio frequencies at
the same time. This takes advantage of the narrow bandwidth of FT*

Is it one signal or multiple?  We could easily make the argument that it is
one signal (being sent using SSB audio tones) that contains multiple
information components.

RTTY AFSK uses two tones (mark and space) to send information.  The two
tones are not on the exact same frequency.  Is that two signals or one?  It
has been considered as one signal forever.

The digital modes are going to change the way we think about signals.  This
is just the beginning...

I still like the modes where I can actually hear and decode the guy I am
working, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy the new stuff.

Randy, K5ZD

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> Dave,
> You are not alone, yet another crying wolf here...
> I have had some direct correspondence on this very topic. I proposed to
> change the rule to "Only one signal on the band of operation is permitted
> at any time". My idea was not accepted.
> Now that you describe a factual occurrence of several signals per band,
> perhaps (and hopefully) the contest sponsors will revert to considering
> this topic again.
> 73,
> Vlad VE3TM
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> Although it is certainly implied, the rules listed on the WW-Digi website
> do not specifically prohibit using more than one signal at the same time
> ON THE SAME BAND for the single op category.  They say that transmission
> can only be on one band at a time, but they don't say you can't make
> multiple transmissions at the same time on the same band.
> The reason I bring this up is that I just witnessed 5T5PA making three
> separate FT8 transmissions on 20m to three different stations all within
> the same fifteen second window.  A short time later I saw two separate
> transmissions from him to two different stations (and different stations
> than the previous three), again all within the same fifteen second
> window.  Each simultaneous transmission was spaced exactly 60 Hz apart,
> and the software cleanly decoded all signals as if they were from
> different callsigns.  5T5PA expertly managed all the QSOs cleanly.
> Interestingly enough, even though I've worked 5T5PA before, JTAlert only
> labeled one of the three as a dupe.
> I can think of more than a couple of ways 5T5PA could be doing this, and
> for casual operation I see no problem with it.  For a DXpedition, it
> might even make a lot of sense.  I don't remember it being against
> FCC/other laws, but I could be wrong about that.  In any case, it seems
> to me that it could open up the possibility for some controversy in a
> contest.
> Or maybe I'm just crying wolf here ...
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E
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