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Chris is a major contributor at the N6RO multi station.  Not only operating but technical support at the station as well.  So actually he is quite active.

Ken K6MR

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Well, N6WM did the QST writeup and he hasn't been a very active
contester so maybe he just didn't have much to say.  I could only find
two ARRL contests over the last year where he even submitted a log.  The
QST article says "full results" for the 2019 phone contest can be found
online, but the link is empty and just says that something will be

So yeah ... pretty sad.  I seem to remember not that long ago somebody
from the ARRL saying they were going to rejuvenate their contesting
coverage in QST, but that clearly hasn't been the case.

Has anyone ever charted RBN activity over the course of a year ... with
an overlay for major contest dates ... and sent the results to the
ARRL?  An even better approach might be to set up a permanent multi-band
SDR that simply records wideband energy density over time.

Dave   AB7E

>> On Aug 25, 2019, at 6:57 PM, Edward Sawyer <EdwardS at sbelectronics.com> wrote:
>> I am not sure if anyone else was struck like I was as to how sad it was that QST was down to 2 pages for the ARRL DX CW coverage in the August magazine.  No write-up, just some top 10 totals boxes and plaque winners.
>> I never understood why QST dumps virtually all of its adds in the back.  It's an advertiser's nightmare.  Why not allow a couple of advertisers to sponsor a 6 page spread per contest on the 2 ARRL DX contests and get their ads conspicuously displayed?  I am thinking they would be interested.
>> Ed  N1UR

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