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James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 10:29:58 EDT 2019

I agree, Pete, W4KFC was a fine operator, albeit one with a fantastic
geographic location, a big signal, a state of the art Collins receiver, and
good ears. But was his brain wired for SO2R? Could he touch type? I'd be
fascinated to know if he (and other Greats of his time) even had a second
receiver to check another band for an opening). A CW SS writeup in QST in
the early 1960s had a photo of W4KFC's "automatic keyer." It used a
phonograph turntable to rotate a disk with cutouts for dits and dahs making
contact to send CW. And he sent code with a bug -- beautiful CW. SOTA! Jim
K1TN ----------- >"Back when computerized logging was just emerging, Gene,
W3ZZ, I and a few
others were discussing it and the notion of computerized contesting. At one
point Gene made the sage comment that a computerized contest station would
be a
lid and Vic, W4KFC, would beat it anyway.

While Vic is gone I’m firmly convinced the same is true today. Pete W1RM

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