[CQ-Contest] How do I use beverage with Yaesu FTDX1200?

FritzOAQ fritz at k4oaq.com
Sat Aug 31 13:10:23 EDT 2019

My FT1000 recently quit working. For the past year or so I've been using a
FTDX1200 & the FT1000.

I like the FTDX1200 a lot & having been thinking of buying another one for

I don't know much abt SO2R & how the pieces fit together. I'm just wondering
if there are any SO2R boxes that wud solve the beverage issue.

If not, then how can I use a beverage with the FTDX1200?

Using a xmit ant that needs the tuner wud require me hitting two buttons to
flip to beverage & back.

One to turn tuner off & another to flip antenna from "1" to "2". I really
don't want to see what happens when I try to xmit on my beverage.

Fritz K4OAQ

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