[CQ-Contest] Adjusting Phillystran Truss so boom is level for DB36 Stepp

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Wed Feb 13 12:41:19 EST 2019


And here I was wanting to avoid loosening & tightening those wire clips one more time …

I’m thinking wife up on the tower & me on the ground … do ya think that’ll work??? 



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Getting it level is mostly to make it look good.  There is very little impact to the strength.


HOWEVER, there is one thing that will have a huge impact to the strength that you are missing.  I have an original Monster up and instead of using the 4 foot aluminum mast that you are attaching to the boom/mast plate - it will be much better to use the mast that you mount the antenna on instead.  


The mast is much stronger - and also this eliminate a lot of load on your boom/mast clamps.  It makes a huge difference.  Of course - it means you have to adjust the boom guys with the antenna up in the air.  Use a phone with your wife on the ground telling you how it looks (exactly what I did).


Tree N6TR

Manning, OR

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