[CQ-Contest] Request for FT8 and FT4 Logs

Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Sat Jul 6 18:55:57 EDT 2019

We are testing the log submittal and log checking process for the upcoming WW Digi DX Contest at the end of August.  We need logs to test with.


At the end of May 2019, I worked over 600 QSOs on FT8 and FT4 as P49X.  I would appreciate it if anyone who worked P49X on the FT modes would please send me their ADIF log file.  It can be any date range as long as it includes the end of May QSOs with P49X.  Our software can ignore QSOs outside that period.


Just forward your ADIF log file to w0yk at ww-digi.com <mailto:w0yk at ww-digi.com>  to help us get ready for log processing.




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