[CQ-Contest] FT4 - Robotic Contesting

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Wed May 1 21:25:42 EDT 2019

I agree, please keep FT? contests separate from RTTY. Unlike FT?, RTTY
decoders are not perfect. To do well a RTTY operator needs to quickly look
at multiple decoders to determine what the callsign and report most likely
are. There is nothing automatic and there are no set TX/RX times so every
operator can be as efficient as they choose. It is easy to send a quick
hello to your friends during the QSO, just like on CW and SSB.

John KK9A

Jeff Blaine AC0C wrote:

The FT8/4 modes need to have contests specifically built around the 
capabilities and limitations of the mode.

Mixing FTx into the RTTY contests falls squarely into a category of 
things that we SHOULD NOT DO, even though we have the capability to do.


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