[CQ-Contest] Minority Report: FT4 - Robotic Contesting

ktfrog007 at aol.com ktfrog007 at aol.com
Thu May 2 21:14:40 EDT 2019

I'm sure I'm way deep in the minority but I'd love to see an automated contest run as an experiment.  FT4 could be used as the mode with the appropriate software.

Control operators would have to be present and the software would need some kind of periodic time out requiring operator input to continue, as well as being able to alert the control ops in case of problems and  governors to keep the program from running amok.  

In the latter case, the software would need a driver for a klaxon. 

Aside from the fact that virtually nobody likes this, is there any real reason not to do it?  Some regulatory issue not covered above?

73,Ken, AB1J

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