[CQ-Contest] FT4 - Robotic Contesting

Hans Brakob kzerohb at gmail.com
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Un bon chasseur sachant chasser, doit savoir chasser sans son chien.

73, de Hans, KØHB
“Just a Boy and his Radio”
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Hi Bob,

...but no competitive
contester would use a reader since it bumps you into the assisted category
just like CW Skimmer use does.

Contesters entering Assisted categories are "no competitive contester", it is what you're saying ?
Just to name some of them : DL6FBL, K1ZZ, K4XS, K5GO, KO7SS, RA3CO, VE3RZ, W2GD and so on (CQ WW CW 2017 & 2018), they will appreciate your words....

Of course they are surely not using CW readers but they're entering assisted categories. Try to do better ;-)

73 de Dimitri F4DSK

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