[CQ-Contest] WTB: Band Data decoder for Icom

Jeff Blaine KeepWalking188 at ac0c.com
Wed May 22 19:01:27 EDT 2019

I have a friend looking for a band data decoder for an Icom rig. He 
needs a super cheap & simple solution - something like the unified 
microsystems BCD decoder board - but instead something that works for Icom.

The solutions I have found have a long delivery time or are out of his 
budget range.  And unfortunately I don't have any prior experience with 
Icom here.

Was hoping one of you savvy Icom users would know of someone who made a 
simple PCB or kit or something.  If so, kindly contact me off list and 
point me in the right direction.

Appreciate the help in advance!  And good luck in the WPX this weekend.

> 73/jeff/ac0c
> alpha-charlie-zero-charlie
> www.ac0c.com

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