[CQ-Contest] 2019 7QP results are posted

Dick Frey k4xu at bendcable.com
Mon May 27 07:21:31 EDT 2019

The 2019 7QP scores have been posted at www.7QP.ORG.

Another 7QP is in the books. Even though the conditions were anything 
but helpful, 7QP posted another banner year. The number of logs received 
was up 8% from last year even though the total number of logged calls 
was down. This represents an increased interest in QSO parties in 
general. Since there are four of them running on our weekend, the 
combined action rivals that of the biggest, like the CQP.

 From the soapbox comments, ND and MS were the two rarest states, AB was 
the rarest of the “common” VE’s. Due to the low solar conditions, there 
was very little DX action this year. There were several very active 
mobiles. K7TQ covered 23 counties, all but two of them in Idaho. N7WA 
did 14 in Washington. N7XU did 11 in Oregon. KX4LZ did 10 in Montana. 
And there were half a dozen more.

Stations on:
  7th: 1184
  RoW: 4090
  TTL: 5274
  Logs: 735

7QP is noted for its County Expedition category and 2019 did not 
disappoint the faithful. These are Field Day type operations out in the 
country without prepared sites. There were 21 single county expeditions, 
20 county line expeditions and two in the Open class that moved 
locations and/or also operated mobile between them.

There was one very close race in the scores, for SO High Power Mixed, 
where perennial champ K6LL running as K7L in AZ was nosed out by K7RL in 
WA by less than 0.6%. KL7SB set a new record in SO Assisted High Mixed 
by smashing the old record by almost double.

Kudos to the Nevada guys for putting all 17 counties on the air. Their 
new state captain, W6US, did a fine job. It’s not easy to get all of the 
259 7QP counties on in one weekend. For comparison, all of Florida and 
Georgia with their combined 226 counties, fits inside of Arizona”s15 
counties. Yeah, we have lots of space out here.

N1MM+ logger was used by more than 60% of the entrants, followed by 
N3FJP with 20%. Only N1MM allows entering all four of the weekend’s QSO 
parties at once. Thus the one Cabrillo log can be sent to each, helping 
us all.

Thanks for your participation, see you all next year, hopefully with 
better conditions and even more activity.

73, Dick  K4XU

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