[CQ-Contest] Multiple antennas on a ring rotator

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Mon Oct 7 12:47:20 EDT 2019

I posted the message shown below on towertalk and received no  
response. Since contesters are creative and resourceful I thought I  
would also try posting it here.

I am wondering if anyone has experience with mounting multiple  
antennas on a single ring rotator. I have a brand new K0XG R65 ring  
with a prop pitch drive motor and I would like to mount my homebrew  
6el 20m 60' boom OWA beam plus a commercial 4el coil loaded element  
40m beam on the same rotator with about 10' (3 meter) spacing. I have  
seen one photo of a ring turning a three stack of monoband Yagis on a  
famous New England contester's webpage.  I would appreciate any  
mounting information or photos.

Thank you,

John KK9A

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