[CQ-Contest] Makrothen - An Exercise In Frustration

Edward Sawyer EdwardS at sbelectronics.com
Tue Oct 15 08:55:57 EDT 2019

Bill - KO7SS stated:
"All of contesting is suffering from a relatively fixed number of participants, most of which can be worked quickly in a short time using CQing and clicking on bandmap spots. This is worse in RTTY contests, which generally allow Skimmer use across all entry classes. I got on for the last 2 hours and made 102 Q's on 20M in 2 hours, it was good fun!"

Bill, that may be the case in Arizona and for domestic contests, but it is not in DX contests and especially from the east coast.  I can have close to 100 hours in the last 6 hours of a 48 hour contest like CQ WW or ARRL DX or WPX.  It depends on the contest and location.

Another point made before and should be repeated here.  A distance scoring format does change the score per Q and helps the West Coast even the scoring.  But it does not create rate per hour.  That is a function of participants, prop, and how loud you are.  

Ed  N1UR

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