[CQ-Contest] JA Low bands have spread a bit

7L4IOU at arrl.net 7L4IOU at arrl.net
Thu Apr 23 01:02:30 EDT 2020

Dear friends,

Good news for the Lowbanders who seek Japan.
The law was amended on April 21 2020.
The new 160m and 80m bands in Japan are as follows

( Band whole )
--- 160m ---
--- 80m ---

( Modes details )
--- 160m ---
1800-1810kHz : All
1810-1825kHz : A1A
1825-1875kHz : All
1907.5-19125.5kHz: A1A, F1B, F1D, G1B, G1D
--- 80m ---
3500-3520kHz : A1A
3520-3535kHz : A1A, F1B, F1D, G1B, G1D
3535-3575kHz : All (Except for JA-JA Digital)
3575-3580kHz : All
3599-3612kHz : All
3662-3687kHz : All

The small break is a still problem, but overall it's an improvement.
In particular, a small RTTY-window was born at 3575-3580kHz.

73, Hisami 7L4IOU

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