[CQ-Contest] Zero Beat packet pileups-a solution ! QZB

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Dec 1 16:31:51 EST 2020

A relatively new phenomenon has emerged more prevalently in contesting on CW
in the last few years. 


I think in part to the RBN (which I am not knocking, as I benefit from it
just like the rest of my CW brethren),.


Namely, small 'packet pileups' ALL ZERO beat on your running frequency.
click click click.


So, the N1MMLoggerPlus Dev team recognized this a couple years ago and now
has an option to randomly offset spots when "clicking on spots". Awesome.
Smart guys, that crew. Not everyone who runs N1MM uses this feature however.


I don't know if other loggers do this, but maybe or maybe in the future?


For those that don't know to keep tweaking their XIT around or to randomize
spots in N1MMLoggerPlus

I propose a new Q signal used only in contesting, namely "QZB" which can
mean anything from, "please don't zero beat me like the other 10 guys
calling" or "turn on your XIT please" or anything to that effect.


I know there are guys out there that can do 5000-10000 Q's per weekend and
not be bothered with a zero beat pileup, but for us mere mortals not in a
rare location with the benefit of always having MANY callers, (some louder,
some keen to the ways of the XIT control) then we need another way to
instruct the (smallish) pileup that it sounds like one tone.  I tried ?, I
tried AGN, I even tried "XIT" once.and lo and behold it actually
worked---once.  Maybe I got lucky with a guy that just wandered by or
someone who knew what it was.  I dunno.


I tried everything I could think of, and nothing really worked.  Always the
same solid tone.  More callers always solved the problem, but a VE9 is not
exactly rare in CQWW, thus the issue.  I am sure every CDN,  USA and a lot
of EU stations were in the same boat, save the Zone 2 lads..they're pretty


I was so relieved when a superstation called in, overpowering the pileup, or
others joined in and we'd get those folks that would know to call 40Hz high
(or low) and then I could work them and move on.


So, QZB..remember it, use it..(free of charge of course).now we have to
alert CQ, ARRL, WAE, RDX, NAQP to this new Q-code.  Who will get the word


No, it's not April 1rst !


CU (all of a sudden) in the next one ;-D


Mike VE9AA "5"...or "NB"




Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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