[CQ-Contest] Fwd: The Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge

Lew Sayre 1weege at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 10:57:38 EST 2020

Greetings to Contesters all around the world,

     The Boring Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce yet another epic
edition of The Stew.  The winter running of The Big Stew will start  at
1500Z on Dec. 26, 2020 and end 23 hours and 59 minutes later.  Please
transport yourself via computer to https://www.kkn.net/stew/       where
you will find a treasure trove of information about this CW radio energy
contest that lives on 160M, which is a frequency near you.

     The Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge is an old fashioned radio
contest where the emphasis is on what your ears hear and where that big
radio knob takes you rather than damaging your clicking finger where
multiple callers zero beat each other to a frenzied numbness. Yes,
utilizing packet and spotting and obtaining aid outside of your own self is
against the rules.  Go to the website mentioned above and read the rules,
especially rule #6.

     Another feature of The Stew is that it utilizes the fairest scoring
system in all of radio contesting.  The score rewards you with more points
if you work somebody very far away as compared to different countries or
prefixes. The Stew is a Distance contest not just a country counting or
state counting contest like so many of the other lesser contests.  The
brilliant rules also multiply each contact's value if you work a low power
station or even a QRP station, which do venture out on the band on dark and
stormy contest nights, like Dec. 26, just to see if you can work them.

      Plaques are sponsored and awarded for various feats of radio
accomplishments.  The Boring Amateur Radio Club does not  originate the
plaque categories. Those categories come from the radio combatants
themselves. These Stalwarts propose a category and then back that up with
$65 American dollars to sponsor their plaque for somebody to aspire to
win.  A list of sponsored plaques lives at the website I've mentioned.
Email me at the address below if your curiosity is piqued and you desire to
sponsor a plaque.

     You have about two weeks to get your 160M station in order so you can
play in The Stew. If you think your code is marginal for any reason  just
go above 1850 and call CQ at a speed you can copy. Most pouncing Operators
will QRS and work you. The Stew is a friendly contest where the exchange is
simply your callsign and your Maidenhead grid square.  Signal reports are
optional but some Operators use them as a preparatory sequence for the
coming 4 digit grid square.

     If you have questions motor on over to The Stew website and snoop
around. If  you can’t find the answer then you are probably intoxicated and
should try again after a short period of time. If you still can’t find the
answer send the question to the email address below.

     The Boring Amateur Radio Club predicts that this year’s Running of the
Grids will be a memorable one due to conditions, karma and Covid
cloistering.  We will look for you in The Stew!

      73 and I remain,

      Lew         w7ew         w7ew at arrl.net

The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Public Relations and Propagation

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