[CQ-Contest] Twas the niite - by VE9AA

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Dec 13 20:58:57 EST 2020

I messed up my 3830 ARRL-10 submission, so many won't see this.


Merry Christmas !


Mike VE9AA


(edited for 2020)


'Twas the nite before TEN opened, and all through the shack

Not a signal was stirring, for outside it was black

The dipoles were hung, by the tower with care

In hopes that strong signals

soon would be there.


The harmonics were nestled, all snug in their beds

while visions of pileups, danced in their heads

With me in my PJ's and Mom in her thong

We wondered about DX and where we went wrong



When out on the snow, there arose such a mess

I sprang from the bed, and forgot to get dressed

Away to the window, I flew like a streaker

Tore open the amp and became suddenly weaker


The coax was ripped and the new fallen amp

fell onto the floor, and the 'Test was now damped

But what do my wondering eyes, should suddenly see here?

.but a miniature stack of 10m yagis and deer !



With that little old man, so adept at the key

this could be our good luck, if only it could be....

More QRQ than Hastifisti and with power to spare.

Now Dasher, now Dotter, now all deer, he yelled proud

We're doing this right, and we're going to be loud!


On Meteor, Aurora and Backscatter too!

We'll work everyone, 'til the tubes they turn blue.

To the top of the hill, we ran with our tools

Now dash away, dot away, lids and QRM fools


As cool dummy loads, that before the current that flows

I will rid you of keyclicks, splatter and gosh Heavens knows.

So up to the house-top, the signals they flew

With antennas and amplifiers and St. Nicholas too.



And then in a moment, I heard on the stairs

DX being worked, that was exceedingly rare

As I logged with N1MM (plus version of course)

St. Nick was working them, SSB and on Morse.


He was dressed all in fur and looking alive

And his clothes  were all sweaty from working a P5

A bundle of hardline, he threw on his back

And he looked like a Slim, who would never come back



His eyes how they looked, his cheeks were puffed out

>From a SSB pileup, that he commanded with clout

His droll little mouth, behind the headset from Heil

Did not conceal, that rare DX smile



The stump of his pipe, he held tight in his face

As lots of DX was coming, and this was a race !

He had a wry smile, a big man among men

>From sitting too much, and working W-A-Z on Ten.



He was fast and fat, that right happy King elf

I looked in the mirror, and imagined myself

A wink of his eye and a twist of the key

He said 5NN and worked a B3




He spoke not a word, as he worked the Morse code

This rate behaviour lads, I love the big load

He filled all the stockings

Between contacts he said

Once this is done, Mike, you go right back to bed !


Laying a finger up, the side of his nose

He started another pileup and the din, it arose

This is VE9-Santa and you are Five-by-Nine!

I'll work you all quickly and leave no one behind



He sprang to his sled, and with a nod of his head

He worked the last contact-(Long path to Zed-D-8-Zed !)


Away the stats flew, to the A-RR-L

I'll be back next year people -perhaps from KL?


He yelled as he faded, and went out of sight

MX, 73 and to all a GN !



Merry Christmas from New Brunswick

de Mike VE9AA and family


*QZB* = You\'re all zero beat ; pse use ur XIT +/- ! (I actually used this
once yesterday)



Mike VE9AA in New Brunswick, Canada 



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