[CQ-Contest] RAC + 9A

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 22:26:42 EST 2020

I started off Friday night at 0000Z with a RAC log. After the first 14
hours of the RAC I changed my CQ to be just "CQ TEST" not "CQ RAC TEST".
And I intermittently operated using this same log, up to Sunday morning up
to 1400Z. I did a little search and pounce but mostly I just CQ'ed.

I then copied the RAC log Cabrillo to a 9A log (changing the contest name
in the 9A Cabrillo).

I deleted QSO's after 0000Z Saturday night from the RAC log and submitted
to RAC submission email.

I deleted QSO's before 1400Z Saturday morning from the 9A log, as well as
all Canadian province exchanges from the 9A log, and submitted to the 9A
Submission robot.

(Note that first I tried submitting the Canadian exchanges to the 9A robot
but it vociferously complained that provinces are not numbers and required
me to correct the log).

Let's see what the log robots and human administrators do with that!

Tim N3QE

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