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Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Thu Dec 24 18:51:31 EST 2020

Yo Radio Rapscallions of the Top Band Universe,
      We understand that The Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge is a
creative contest and it is only logical that it has inspired some creative
poetry penned by Vic, VE3YT and displayed a few days ago on the CQ-Contest
reflector.  We also appreciate the various creative plaque categories that
have been proposed and sponsored.  You really should visit
https://www.kkn.net/stew/   and view the plaques and rules and other
impertinent facts that are part of  The Stew Perry Challenge.
     Since CW is a fine example of syncopation of a steady tonal rhythm,
we've added another form of syncopation involving words. If it sounds
familiar it was first published 9 years ago here. If you remember it, then
there is no hope for your literary sensibilities.

I've heard it firsthand, that up on Top Band, the propagation can be rather
But here comes a test that's above all the rest, and is best known as The
Stew Perry
Conditions can be bad but the Q's can be had, if the Op really knows of the
by twiddling the knobs to filter the slobs who insist on running loud
The band can be rough with operators quite tough, who will search every
hertz and cranny
The winners who care, to sit up all night there, and keep their perch under
their fanny
The Stew scoring rules now challenge the fools who keep unfair judging
you'll make a long Q, which scores more for you, than that old country
multiplier jive.
You'll have 14 hours to test out your powers of sending and getting mayhem.
You may shriek, you may swear- but the signals with care, you'll pull right
out of the din.
This time of the year, with Christmas so near makes operating time a prized
So make things good deeded to get the time needed, to compete for The
Stew's wooden bling.
The donors below are the Stalwarts we know who typify true radio lore.
They make a donation for a plaque-type creation that'll drop your jaw right
to the floor.
So I've written this tome, I wouldn't call it a poem, to attract your care
and attention
to invite you to play, in a nocturnal way, in the 25th Stew Perry

     Dr Big Gun, call withheld, with apologies to Robt. Service

So, if you would like to sponsor a plaque, send me an email and I'll send
you back the details about how to go about it.
Enjoy the Holiday tomorrow, then enjoy The Stew after you've recovered from
the Holiday. You deserve it!
73 and I remain,
     Lew    w7ew
     w7ew at arrl.net
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Urgent Advice

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